International road transport of goods

Nowadays, the economy of each country is becoming increasingly dependent on the correct relationships with neighbours. Imported goods and raw materials make up a large part of the domestic market and the export of finished products is one of the main sources of income of our businesses. Of course, a very important role in this case begins to play high-quality transport connection between countries. After all, it is from a reliable and timely delivery of goods and raw materials depends largely on the amount of profits.

International freight - one of the priorities of any transportation company. E40 CARGO CARRYINGS is not an exception here. We provide freight forwarding throughout Europe, as well as to neighbouring countries.

The advantages of working with us:

  • Availability of well-functioning and proven schemes of international transportation of goods, the possibility of selection of the route, taking into account the individual needs of the client.
  • The exact calculation of the shortest, and therefore the cheapest route, taking into account local geographic specifics.
  • Fast and timely delivery.
  • Representative offices in European countries.
  • Availability of reliable partners in Europe and the CIS countries, the perfect knowledge of local laws and the conditions of customs clearance.
  • The European standard of professionalism. All our drivers, customs brokers, logistics specialists and lawyers are highly qualified and experienced specialists.
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